Heart Techniques
Heart Mantra

Babaji has brought a truly wonderful technique to open the Heart Center and bring you into peace and Divine love.  The Heart Mantra also develops a complete transcendance into your Divine nature, as well as, an infinite connection to God.  After two months of practice, an initiate will be given the opportunity to continue with the five Prana techniques.   These mantras will be given in sequence to accumulate results and transform every aspect of your body and soul.  

Holy Spirit Mantra

The Holy Spirit Mantra is the most recommended meditation at this time.  It begins to integrate the feminine energies that are coming into the Earth over the next 4 years.  This energy transforms the way everything is done in our personal life and the global community. 

We will emerge 
   ۞ Trusting ourselves more
۞ Realizing our personal power
۞ Aligning to our true unlimited and prosperous selves
۞ Spiritual life integrating with our material world
   ۞ Knowing all our goals and aspirations can be fulfilled.

This will anchor that spiritual energy in the heart so we may open to a new level of trust within ourselves. 

As we open our hearts and allow the energy of the Holy Spirit to unfold our Divine Wisdom within,  we surrender and begin to observe the path of the true Disciple we have been waiting to unfold.  We become one.  The Divine union of our male and female presents itself in a more erect posture, shoulders back and head held high, allowing a more confident stride.   Divine presence in action.

Pranic Techniques
Apana Prana Mantra

The First Pranic technique involves the Apana Prana.  This technique is called the bulldozer technique because it clears away your deepest stress and many generations of karma.  Physically it helps to clean and clear blockages in your colon, small intestines, liver, kidneys, etc.  Mentally and spiritually it helps to remove the blocks to your power.  It connects you to the Earth, and is designed to help you to let go of those things that no longer serve you

Vyana Prana Mantra

Where the first technique is like a bulldozer clearing away old blocks, the second technique builds the house, our divine and immortal form. This technique involves the Vyana Prana, which is the administrator of your divine form, affecting you muscles, bones and cells.  It brings your physical body into direct contact and instruction from your true divine form.  This awakens the angelic vibration inside you body, and creates wonderful feelings of bliss and youthfulness.

Prana Mantra

All of the other techniques continue this building process to rejuvenate you and develop your most subtle spiritual experience, the third technique involves the major Prana of your body which is simply called Prana.  It directly effects the primary life force of your body as it moves through the circulation system of both your heart and lungs.  This technique also created a protective shield in your aura called kavach.

                            Samana Prana

The forth technique involves the Samana Prana effecting your stomach and digestive system.  It elevates your digestion to produce the legendary sacred nectar called Soma.  It elevates your digestion to produce the legendary sacred nectar called Soma. This technique develops the divine senses and a physically youthful appearance.

                                                Udana Prana

The fifth technique involves the Udana Prana of lifting power. It is here that the final integration of your spiritual and material achievements occurs. The ancient sages have said that once the Udana is perfected the body becomes immortal. This technique creates liberation and freedom from restriction in all aspects of your life.